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01 Mar

3rd Annual International Conference on Interdisciplinary Leg...

The overall objective of this conference is to provide a platform and stimulate discuss... [Click to Continue]

30 Dec

9th International Conference on Business Management and Lega...

The main objective of ICBMLS is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians as ... [Click to Continue]

09 Dec

2015 International Postgraduate Conference on Government, La...

IPCGLE provide a platform for postgraduate from all over the world to present their res... [Click to Continue]

18 Dec

International Conference on Law, education and Humanities (I

International Conference on Law, education and Humanities  (ICLEH 2015) is to provide a... [Click to Continue]

20 Dec

10th International Law Conferences (ILCO)

Excellent opportunity for international peer-reviewed publication and to meet academici... [Click to Continue]

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Articles & Interviews

29 Jun

Interview: Philanthropist, Lawyer, Businesswoman: Chat with ...

Anna Mwitwa, is one of the leading lawyers in Zambia. Managing Partner of AM Legal... [Click to Continue]

31 May

Choosing a Specialization in Law after COVID-19

Choosing a Specialization in Law is one of the most important decisions you will make... [Click to Continue]

30 Mar

Fashion Law: Is it becoming a trend?

Fashion Law is a growing legal practice in this generation. It is a legal field... [Click to Continue]

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