Choosing a Specialization in Law after COVID-19

Choosing a Specialization in Law is one of the most important decisions you will make as a newly qualified lawyer or as a law student. In this article, we’ll discuss what to consider before choosing your specialization and provide information on various specializations that are currently in demand. We hope this article will be helpful for any law students or young lawyers who are currently deciding what type of practice they want to pursue after graduation.

Choosing a Specialization in Law is one of the most important decisions you will make as a law student. Before choosing, it’s important to recognize that each type of specialization has its own set of requirements and career struggles. You’ll also want to know what kind of job opportunities are available for your chosen field before deciding on something like Corporate Law, Bankruptcy Law, Technology Law, or Litigation.

At the end of your second year in law school, many students are faced with a tough decision: What type of practice will you want to pursue after graduation?

This article is for law students who didn’t know what kind of specialization they wanted and now have to choose one before finishing their degree programs and for young lawyers deciding on their specialization. This article will discuss various specializations in law that you can focus on post-Covid-19, what you can expect from each specialization and why that is a “hot” area of practice.


The world is always in need of good litigation lawyers.  While not always the most glamorous of jobs, litigation lawyers are vital to any society. Disputes have been there from time immemorial and will continue as long as people live in a society.  Be it medical malpractice, employment disputes, or contract breaches. Litigation lawyers are there to represent their clients in all types of legal matters and bring justice to the people who need it most- their fellow man.

Technology Lawyer

A legal professional who specializes in technology law would typically work with federal and state laws to help protect topics like digital privacy, intellectual property rights, cybercrime crackdowns, or cybersecurity defense initiatives among others. These lawyers may specialize in areas such as international trade deals for tech products. With Blockchain technology becoming an increasingly larger field, tech law is a specialization that will continue to grow in the future.

Entertainment Lawyer

Despite being a very broad term, the entertainment industry refers to all aspects of show business. Entertainment law under this umbrella includes any legal issues that arise in relation to movies, music records, or performances. Entertainment lawyers work with a wide range of clients from directors and actors working on film sets to reality TV stars getting ready for their next stint on television. It is a competitive field of law but nonetheless interesting and continuing to grow.  If you would like to learn more Justin Ige, a leading entertainment lawyer in Nigeria has written about what an entertainment lawyer does and what his typical work involves.

Privacy and Data-Protection Lawyer

The law’s principal concern is to protect individual privacy. Such protections are achieved by: restricting access through confidentiality procedures; implementing data quality programs for personal records management systems; providing security measures (e.g., encryption); and instituting access controls.

While Privacy and Data Protection is a subset of Information Technology Law which deals with the protection of personal information in both physical and digital form, it is nonetheless a very important field and highly specialized lawyers in this area are likely to be needed in the near future.

Criminal Defense Attorney

While criminal defense is part of litigation. It is nonetheless a specialization that is unlikely to see any reduction in demand even in a post-Covid world.  Defending accused persons on behalf of them before the court, either by helping to prepare their defense or by presenting it at trial; Appealing convictions and sentences imposed for crimes such as murder, rape, theft, and fraud; Representing are all tasks expected of criminal defense attorneys and it is unlikely that it will slow down anytime soon.

Bankruptcy/Insolvency Lawyers

The bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers are the ones who work in cases related to people or companies that have gone bankrupt. They may be hired when a company is going through bankruptcy proceedings, if there is an order for liquidation of assets or trustee property, wage garnishment orders etcetera. They are rarely out of business. If we go by the logic that 80% of all businesses fail, it means that these lawyers are almost always in demand.

Tax Lawyers

Tax lawyers work in cases where the taxation is assessed, or disputes over taxes arise. They may be retained to represent clients before tax authorities or in some jurisdiction – Tax court. With a lot of companies going global and with the adage: Only death and taxes are certain, this is one area of law that will always need competent lawyers.

So what area of law are you thinking of specializing?