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The S.J.D. (Scientiae Juridicae Doctor) degree is designed for scholars and teachers of law and is most often obtained by international attorneys who are pursuing academic or high ranking governmental careers in their home countries. The S.J.D. is not a course-oriented degree but rather is directed towards scholarly research and producing a dissertation of publishable quality that contributes in an original manner to the area of law to which it is directed.

The S.J.D. program at Wake Forest University is highly selective. The Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) is the highest post graduate law degree offered by the Wake Forest University School of Law. The School of Law will admit up to three S.J.D. students each year. Each S.J.D. candidate will be assigned a principal faculty advisor with expertise in the student’s research area and two additional faculty members who form the student’s doctoral committee. This faculty committee will evaluate the S.J.D. student’s progress, make recommendations, and conduct an oral examination on the dissertation. In addition to the S.J.D. student’s doctoral committee, other members of the Faculty of Law are generally prepared to offer advice when consulted.

Application Deadline July 1
Tuition Fee $42,738
Duration full-time Usually 2-3, not more than 5
Languages English
Location 1834 Wake Forest Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27109, United States
Website http://sjd.law.wfu.edu/
Completion Requirement The S.J.D. degree will be awarded on the basis of:
Satisfactory completion of the coursework
Participation in colloquia with faculty and others
Timely completion of the dissertation to the satisfaction of the S.J.D. faculty adviser
Oral defense of the dissertation before a committee of Wake Forest faculty
The dissertation may be completed by the student in absentia following the required residency period. During the period of completion, the student is responsible for maintaining regular contact with their S.J.D. faculty advisor and other members of the dissertation committee for guidance on the research and writing.
The student is required to return to Wake Forest University School of Law to defend and pass an oral examination by the dissertation committee on or before the dissertation committee’s decision as to whether to approve the student’s completed dissertation for receipt of the S.J.D. degree.
Language Requirement All S.J.D. applicants must be proficient in English. If you are from a non-English speaking country or your native tongue is not English, you are required to submit a TOEFL score or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score.
The minimum TOEFL score is 100 (internet-based), 250 (computer-based), or 600 (paper-based). The minimum IELTS score is 7.0. If you have graduated from a U.S. LL.M. Program, the TOEFL requirement may occasionally be waived since evidence of English language proficiency includes the student’s performance in prior academic degree programs for which English was the language of instruction and his prior writings were produced in English.


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