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The J.S.D. degree program is a highly selective program for students having completed LL.M.-level work. Except in unusual circumstances, however, students are admitted to the J.S.D. program only after initial candidacy for the LL.M. degree at Cornell Law School, in which they must have received all honor grades. A J.S.D. student is accepted only when, in the judgment of the law school faculty, the student is exceptional and the law school faculty is in a position to provide proper supervision of the student’s proposed course of study.

Duration full-time 2-3
Languages English
Location Ithaca, NY 14850, United States
Completion Requirement The J.S.D. student must pursue and complete with distinction the program of study and investigation as set forth in the prospectus approved by his or her Special Committee and acceptable to the Field of Law, producing a dissertation that constitutes a significant contribution to legal scholarship. Following submission of the dissertation to his or her Special Committee, the student must pass a final examination (usually on the subject matter of the dissertation) and any other examinations that the Special Committee requests. Following the examination and the Special Committee's approval of the dissertation, the student must submit the dissertation to the Graduate School of Cornell University.


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