Certified International Employment Law Analyst (CIELA)

With multinational enterprises being concerned with transnational human resource projects and employment law compliance across various jurisdictions, the need for a streamlined employment law is highly necessary now more than it has ever been. Expertise on cross border labour and employment matters is sought after by corporates aligned globally. This is what the Certified International Employment Law Analyst (CIELA) programme seeks to provide; expertise on various aspects of Employment Law at an international level.

The programme equips the attendee in comprehending the specific issues and dimensions concerning transnational employment especially, compliance, HR policy, employment contracts, suspension and termination of employment, lay-offs and cost-cutting measures, offshoring and outsourcing, employee communication and data laws, monitoring and screening, employment status, employee discrimination, injuries and compensation, expatriate employee issues, employee rights on equity, labour unions, employment dispute resolution, wages and salary, ethics and codes of conduct, unethical practices, due diligence, and restructuring. The course looks at essential aspects of employment law from a practical perspective so that Human Resource professionals as well as Employment lawyers can not only learn about the applicable laws, but also how it works in a given situation.

Course Price $1100 USD
Course Duration 6 months