Why Continuous Legal Education Is Essential For Every Lawyer – Find out the reasons here.

“The woodcutter who took more rests took home the most wood as he polished his axe during his breaks.”


This story is told mostly at training programmes; about two wood cutters. The one who took more breaks while cutting wood than the other, surprisingly, took more wood home than the other. Continuous Legal Education is more or less similar to the story. One takes a break from their career routine to set aside time to polish his/her knowledge of law.


Continuous Legal Education is aimed at equipping practicing lawyers on their knowledge of law and polishes their skills for better practice. While some lawyers condemn the idea of Continuous Legal Education, surprisingly, a majority of lawyers undisputably affirm that Continuous Legal Education is essential. This article gives you 6 reasons why.


  1. One Never Stops Learning

It is a universal truth. Ask any professional, whether he has stopped learning once he/she started her career. The answer may surprise you. The learning curve is the sharpest while you are engaged in your career. Every professional is expected to brush up their chest of knowledge involuntarily as a part of their routine and also, voluntarily as per requirement.


  1. You Did Not Learn Enough At Law School

You might have realised this on your first day at work. We have to admit this sad truth; that law school does not teach you all what is required for practice. Continuous Legal Education is intended to equip you in better practice of law. Continuous Legal Education is aimed at providing you what your professors did not give at law school; practical training.


  1. Continuous Legal Education Will Be Made Mandatory In Major Jurisdictions

Continuous Legal Education is mandatory across different jurisdictions, like the US, UK and some parts of Australia etc., but will soon be made mandatory across major jurisdictions such as India, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, MENA countries etc. However, CLE programmes are actively conducted in all these jurisdictions with the regular increase in the number of attendees. Lawyers are required to score mandatory CLE points per year to continue practice within the jurisdiction.


  1. Continuous Legal Education is offered in different forms

CLE programmes come in various forms and sizes. Training programmes, paper presentations, online certificate courses, conference/seminar attendance, moot court judging/coaching are different ways in which CLE points are scored across different jurisdictions. Participating in a CLE programme can also be fun and a much deserved break from the hectic practice schedule.


  1. Being equipped and updated distinguishes you from others

Who does not want to employ the best? Regularly attending CLE programmes would keep you updated with changes in law, policy and practice. Equipping yourself would boost your confidence to enter unfamiliar areas of practice. Firms and organisations are always interested in hiring people who can offer something extra and are unique. Being updated and polished will ensure that you get that long pending promotion.


  1. CLE programmes are great platforms for networking

Networking is the lifeline of successful law practice. CLE programmes form effective platforms for active and fruitful networking. The professionals that you befriend at such programmes can ensure that you are polished on your knowledge of law, exposed to unknown dimensions of practice and can extend your business network.


Additionally, Continuous Legal Education is also, beneficial to the entire society as it increase the overall efficiency of the legal fraternity. Most Bar Councils and Associations encourage lawyers within their jurisdiction to be equipped and trained to serve clients and the society as a whole.