Tips for your LL.M. application

Choosing an LL.M. programme which caters to your requirements is not the end of the process. The next step, which is preparation various documents for an LL.M. application can be exhausting.

Here are a few tips for your application:


Know the admission requirements

Read the admission requirements of the programme and make sure that you fit its requirements. If you meet these requirements, then only proceed further. If you have questions regarding the admission procedure, go through the law school’s website or visit the law school’s administration office.


Keep a check on application deadlines

An LL.M. application involves a lot of steps which are time consuming. Do not underestimate the amount of time that LL.M. applications require. If you are applying to several law schools, make a note of application deadlines and proceed in an organized manner. Start the application process at least ten months in advance. Applying early in an application cycle is always recommended.


Pattern your application to the law school you are applying for

Customize your application according to each institution. Law schools want to feel that you have chosen their institution for their excellent programme and unique qualities. Convince the admission committee that you will fit in perfectly. Show them that you are deeply interested in their programme.


Follow instructions

While answering questions, mention only relevant information, do not divulge information that is not required. The information also needs to be consistent everywhere. Also, make sure to provide up-to-date information, like your contact number, e-mail address and other pertinent personal information.


Be organized

Your application will serve as a comprehensive description of your qualities that makes you a promising candidate for the law school. Your application should be well-presented and the reader should not have issues in understanding your application. Attach additional documents in an orderly manner.


Check for grammatical errors

Good communication skills are essential to succeed in law school and they are important from the application process itself. Check for spelling errors, proper sentence construction and grammatical errors. A small mistake in the application can have catastrophic consequences.


Keep it simple

An application is a written introduction. Do no complicate it by using words that are difficult to understand. Be conversational, if need be, but not too friendly.  The admission officer will be handling a lot of applications, you wouldn’t want to tire him or her and make that the reason for non- acceptance of your candidature.


Avoid redundancy

Do not repeat information; even if it validates your best qualities. Also, make sure that your application does not look like your curriculum vitae (CV), because most of the times you will be asked to submit a CV as a separate part of your application. Your application is an opportunity for you to present the things that are not contained in your CV.