Should you pursue an internship abroad?

Exposure of the international law practice is an excellent experience. It presents different perspectives that help when you begin law practice. Undoubtedly, an experience outside the comfort zone makes one a stronger person.  It presents you with opportunities that you may have never imagined before.

While pursuing an internship abroad, you will have a chance to learn to about the laws, regulatory framework and practices that may be relevant for your performance in the domestic legal system. Apart from expanding your knowledge of other jurisdiction, this will also help in making you a flexible lawyer in the future.  You will have a broader understanding of conflicts and solutions to varied situations. This is an invaluable experience that will contribute to your goal of being a successful lawyer.

Expansion of network is also one of the important benefits you will enjoy after interning abroad.  We have to admit that professional networking is very important in the legal practice; it is the easiest marketing strategy. Networking will help you in being more marketable and credible for your future clients. Personal interaction with people of different race and culture will make you a better social being. In addition, it will encourage you to be more sensitive and respectful.

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, you also get the chance to have an adventure of your life. After stressful years in law school, you will finally have an opportunity to have a fun-cum- learning experience. There are a lot of countries that offer law internship programs: China, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, and UK, to name a few. Imagine, learning law in a diverse environment. Also, you will be encouraged to learn new languages; that is one skill that you should definitely add to your resume. A law practitioner is expected to be a good orator; knowledge of an additional language can level-up your communication skills.

Finally, internship in foreign countries especially in developing countries will ultimately pave your way towards international human rights law career. A branch of law practice that is deeply inspiring and self- fulfilling. If you want to create an impact on the world using your law degree, this is the right path for you. It may be challenging, but imagine the rewards of being able to help other communities at the international level.

So, go, fly your wings and apply to that internship program you have always had your eyes on.