How to enjoy your time in law school

Attending a law school can be a life-changing experience for law students. It can be fulfilling yet chaotic. As students commence law school or summer law programs, they have new hopes, dreams and aspirations. However, as time passes, the amount of pressure at a law school gets to them and they may find surviving in a law school challenging, to say the least.  With that in mind, the following are some simple ways law students can have a good time at law school without compromising on their studies:


Meet new people

A law school offers the best avenue to students for meeting new people. They will get to meet a wide variety of people there, from experienced professors, fellow students to former graduates.

Law students should endeavour to establish new connections. This will not only help at a personal level but, it would also boost their networking skills which eventually help in securing jobs and clients.


Make lifelong friends

Apart from professional development, it is critical for law students to develop long-lasting friendships with their fellow students or professors. Law school is difficult, stressful and time-consuming.  It requires a lot of investment and dedication from students in order to prosper.  Like any other graduate school, a law student is likely to encounter failure at some stage of the program. It is therefore indispensable for students to hold a bond with fellow students and professors and share their experiences with them.


Extracurricular activities

Along with academics, a law school’s extracurricular activities are just as significant. Several law schools offer interesting extracurricular activities to keep students engaged and productive. Harvard School of Law, for example, has a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, entertainment, gospel choir etc. designed for the students.

Besides enhancing students’ interpersonal and leadership skills, potential employers, as a matter of fact, place a lot of value on extracurricular activities.  Potential employers are looking to hire well-rounded employees who can make a visible difference in their firm. Most importantly, being engaged in extra extracurricular activities clearly demonstrates that a student has good time-management skills.

Whether a law student works as a teacher’s assistant or is the leader of a football club, every little effort they make in improving their extracurricular activities goes a long way in developing their skills and preparing them for the legal world.


Community service

Similar to extracurricular activities, community service is critical for adding value to a law student’s resume and shaping them as a responsible citizen. Several law schools have made it mandatory for their students to complete community service every semester. In fact, to seek admission to a top-notch law school, candidates must demonstrate some sort of commitment towards community service.

The benefits of taking part in community service are many; including developing problem-solving and networking skills. But most importantly, volunteering can help candidates gain scholarships in elite law schools.


Student Bar Association

Law students can attend a student bar association to get a taste of the legal world. A student bar association acts an intermediary between students and the administration. It is essentially responsible to fund and organize various student events and address students’ issues.

In conclusion, it is significant for law students to realize that a law school is just a part of their lives that will conclude in a few years time. Along with the academics, students should ensure to keep realistic perspectives and expectations on things and enjoy their time while it lasts.