How to build relationship with your professors and instructors

There are so many helpful tips on how one can survive and thrive in a law school. However, these tips focus on the academic aspect and time management skills. Nevertheless, it is equally important to build a good rapport with professors and instructors.

Here are several pointers:


Know your professors

Make efforts to know your professors. Ask their preferences related to assignments, presentation of cases, etc. For example, some professors encourage students who ask questions during the lectures whereas some prefer to take questions after class hours.  You can also search online and learn more about your professors and their academic qualifications. Alternatively, you may ask other students who have already been taught by your professor.


Be respectful

Always be respectful towards your professors and instructors.  Remember that respect begets respect. While expressing your point of view, always be polite. Acknowledge their opinions and views before you disagree.


Respect, not fear

Do not be frightened of faculty members. Teachers are your guides and mentors. Be conversational and honest while interacting with them. Do not exhibit an intimidated persona; be respectful.


Arrive at classes on time

Before the professor enters the classroom, everyone should be seated. Do not arrive late for your lectures. You would not want getting everyone’s attention in the middle of a discussion. Sometimes, a sudden distraction changes the entire mood of the class including the professor.


Work hard and aim for the best grades

If you have no plan of getting good grades, you should not enrol into law school in the first place. Your professors expect you to work hard and secure good grades. If you want to get acquainted with the professor inside and outside the classroom, show interest and participate in the class. If you follow this, you will surely receive an excellent recommendation from your professor in the future!