5 Stress busters for lawyers

Which lawyer does not long for that relaxing getaway amidst hectic toil? Feeling tired and exhausted? Read on to know the five sure stress busters for every lawyer:


  1. The beach

No matter how old you get, the sea, the waves and the beach would never stop fascinating you. You will never get bored of watching the waves toss and turn foaming up the beach. Walk along the coast at dusk, soak up in the fizz of waves tingling the outstretched beach and feel it soothing your soul.


  1. A walk

No, we don’t mean physical exercise by this.We simply mean a walk; maybe around your street or to a nearby hill or a supermarket. It is not just the walk that will refresh youbut, also what you will observe and learn during the walk. You might see new faces, new vehicles, hear new sounds and find new paths. All this novelty will surely excite your mind and refresh it. On the way, have some fruit juice or a milkshake to add more fun to your stroll.


  1. A dance

Well, behold; this works better than music! Dancing is a holistic exercise. Apart from the physical exertion involved in dancing, it also stirs up vital emotions and hormones that will relieve you of work related stress. Whether to Billie Jean or the YMCA song, dance your heart out to steam off that mounting stress. You might also feel funny while you do so (if you are not a regular dancer), but that also adds in youth!


  1. A cool shower

Coffee will never give the “kick” that a cool shower would serve. Lather up your favourite shower gel, pour out the aromatic oils, drizzle some shampoo and relish that cool shower. Feel the ripples of relief it would give to your body and ultimately relieving that stress. Apart from easing stress, studies (too numerous to cite them here) have shown that it increases alertness, refines hair and skin, improves immunity and circulation, stimulates weight loss and speeds up muscle soreness and recovery.


  1. With children

This is a winner! Children are not bothered with “world changing” adult stuff. Injunctions, M&As, depositions and private equity mean nothing to them and they are quite chill about it. Take out some time to spend with children. Through them, you will recapture some wondersof the world. Learn how they exult in the monotonous and the mundane. Whether be it your own or your colleague’s or your sibling’s; children bring much joy and that joy can shove away stress.


You might have noticed something common in all of the five methods that have been mentioned. All of them involve getting up from your seat! So, what are you waiting for?