10 Best universities to study law

A career in the legal profession is considered prestigious in many countries. The following are the best universities to study law:


Columbia University – Located in New York, United States of America, this university has distinguished itself to be a distinctive research and learning center. It is also well known for its programme in corporate law. Notable alumni include former American President, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt, amongst others.


University of California, Berkeley – Consistently ranked one of the top universities in the United States, the quality of studies here is top notch. However, it has one of the lowest admission rates (ratio between the applicants and the actual people admitted). This is because of the high number of applications made annually to this prestigious institution and the spots available in the school.


University of Melbourne – Founded in 1897, this Australian university has been ranked as the best law school in Australia. Its alumni include some of the most important decision makers in law and politics including four Prime Ministers of Australia.


London School of Economics (LSE) – Situated in one of the largest cities in the world, LSE offers unparalleled law programmes which are designed to give students diverse experience. This school prides itself with an inter-disciplinary approach which has a keen focus on social sciences including economics, politics and sociology.


Stanford University – Stanford is an ideal school for anyone interested in technology and start-ups, because it is located right at the doorstep of Silicon Valley, the home to over 1000 technology companies, start-ups and venture capital firms. It has also been consistently ranked as one of the top law school in the US. Stanford Law School has the lowest student to faculty ratio which stands at 7.3 to 1.


New York University – Established in 1835, this law school is the oldest in New York. It has one of the highest bar exam pass rate in the United States. The school is also renowned as an excellent center for those interested in international law and tax law.


Yale University – Yale Law School (YLS), is located in New Haven, Connecticut in the United States. The admissions are one of the most selective in the world. Its student to faculty ratio is 7.6 to 1 which one of the lowest in the United States. Notable alumni include Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.


University of Cambridge – The faculty of law at this university is one of the world’s premiers. It has several programs from undergraduate to masters. It is known for emphasis on cutting-edge research.


University of Oxford – One of the largest and oldest law schools in the United Kingdom with over 800 years of teaching law. It is known for personalized tutorials as a method of instruction. Notable alumni include Tony Blair and John Turner, amongst others. One notable member of staff is H.L.A. Hart who is considered to be a leading light in modern jurisprudence.


Harvard University – Founded in 1817, the law school at Harvard is arguably the top law school in the world. It has a larger class-size than its peers, thus having more notable alumni. It has been at the core of development in several areas of law including anti-trust law. Notable alumni include current US President, Barack Obama.