All our trainers have perfect or near-perfect scores on every test they teach — and years of professional teaching experience. (Most companies hire instructors who score only in the top 10% — which sounds great until you consider that, on the LSAT and GMAT, you can get up to 1/4 of the questions wrong, and still be top 10!) Our teachers have scored better, so they can help you score better.

But, just as important, they’ve worked with thousands of students like you, so they have the expertise to analyze your performance, and know just what you’ll need to Get it Right. And our most senior teachers, Ari and Linda, are the ones who trained the other instructors for years. Don’t you want to learn from the teachers’ teachers?

Mode of Delivery [✔] Classroom Sessions
[✘] Online Sessions
[✘] Private Tutoring
Fee for Classroom Sessions $1,399

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