Florida Coastal School of Law

Florida Coastal School of Law is fully accredited by the American Bar Association.
Coastal Law students come from approximately 46 states and numerous countries, representing approximately 254 colleges and universities. They bring with them many diverse backgrounds and professional experiences from across the country and around the world. Our full-time faculty members represent more than 50 ABA-accredited law schools from across the country, including Harvard University, Duke University, Georgetown University, Columbia University, and New York University. Florida Coastal School of Law provides high quality legal instruction with a focus on student outcomes, practice-readiness, and innovation. Florida Coastal School of Law offers several innovative online programs, including an LL.M. in U.S. Law ( www.fcsl.edu/us-law-llm ), an LL.M. or Certificate in Logistics and Transportation ( www.fcsl.edu/logistics ) , and a Certificate in Legal Technology and Law Practice Management ( www.fcsl.edu/clpt ).
The Program
Florida Coastal School of Law (“Coastal Law”) offers an online Masters (LL.M.) Degree in U.S. Law to foreign-educated attorneys. The LL.M. program has received the acquiescence of the ABA. The LL.M. Masters of U.S. Law program offered by Florida Coastal was the first to be offered entirely online.

The tuition for the twenty-six (26) credit hour program is $575 per credit hour. This is a fraction of the cost of residential LL.M. programs.

The program is offered to lawyers with a first degree in law from outside of the United States who are looking to add value to their professional careers. Courses are offered exclusively to LL.M. students and are custom-designed for foreign-educated attorneys who want to advance their careers without being forced to re-locate to the United States and leave their jobs and families. All courses are offered in an asynchronous format. This means that lectures are pre-recorded and students can listen to them at their convenience. You may preview some class lectures by clicking here fcsl.edu/admissions/llm-course-preview . Students also have the opportunity to join distinguished U.S. law professors in live, interactive review sessions. All students have access to a learning management system, where they can access reading materials, take practice quizzes, view podcasts, and interact with their professors and classmates in discussion boards. You may learn more about our LL.M. student experiences by clicking here fcsl.edu/admissions/llm-student-perspectives . Exams are administered online through a secure website. The curriculum is designed to provide students with an overview of the U.S. legal system, while also allowing students to meet the curricular eligibility requirements for either the California or Washington State bar exams.

Address Florida Coastal School of Law
8787 Baypine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256
United States
Contact Information Chidi Ogene - [email protected] - 904-680-7630
Full time Programmes Masters Degree (LLM) in US Law
LLM in Transportation and Logistics Law
Full Time Programme Website https://fcsl.edu/academics
Language of Instruction English

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