Top Ten Apps for Lawyers – How Often Are You Using These

While it is true that the legal profession relies extensively on extensive documentation and paperwork, legal technology today has made the lives of lawyers easier. Just like other professionals, lawyers nowadays, need to embrace technology, to stay ahead in the game.

Here is a list of the best Android and iPhone apps that helps lawyers increase their efficiency and cut down on expenses:


DroidLaw is a valuable free application that gives lawyers access to civil, criminal, bankruptcy, state and federal statutory laws. Available on iPhone or Android phones and other iOS devices, this application also comes with an extensive legal dictionary. However, lawyers will have to pay to get access to state or practice specific content.


Asana is an easy-to-use project management tool for lawyers.  It enables attorneys and paralegals to work together easily on cases. From simple tasks to complex projects, it can handle any type of work. With Asana, users can add comments, attachments to the tasks on which they are collaborating. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for emailing as all users get their own inboxes that organize information. As Asana helps organize projects and tasks, the lead attorney does not have to waste their time checking up on other team members and can concentrate more on the case itself.


LawLibe is a highly useful application that contains in-depth information about the US constitution. From the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations to statutes per state, this application will give you access to everything you ever wanted to know about the US constitution. The fact that it is free makes it even better!


One of the most popular social networking sites today, LinkedIn is designed specifically to help working professionals, including lawyers, connect with colleagues, expand their networks, search for a job, and more.  It provides innumerable benefits to job-seeking lawyers to explore new jobs by following legal firms. Similarly, legal agencies seeking to recruit lawyers can also post jobs on this social networking site.


Winner of the Product of the Year Award by the American Association of Law Libraries, FastCase is your answer to case research. This application gives lawyers access to a large database of cases in relevant jurisdictions. Every time a lawyer needs to find a particular case, all they have to do is refer to FastCase. The application is reliable, updated daily and is easy to navigate.


CamScanner is a mobile document scanning and sharing app that helps lawyers scan and store receipts, documents, invoices, business cards, and much more. It also syncs the edits made on one deice with others, along with improving the quality of the photos taken to reduce the need for a real scanner.

Hours Tracker

An effective tool to keep track of time, Hours Tracker is critical for lawyers. With its advanced features, it can meet the timekeeping needs of lawyers for a variety of billing types. Hours Trackers is aimed at easy entry of time. After activating a timer and clocking out, the application creates a new entry in the system.


Available to iPhone and Andriod users, ScanBizCards enables lawyers to read business cards through a smart phone’s camera and distribute them among their contacts. In addition to sharing their business card, it allows lawyers to drop an email to their new client and set up calendar reminders to follow up with them.


Since signing various documents is an integral part of a lawyer’s life, SignMyPad is just the right application for them. This application is a simple PDF signature tool that not only enables a lawyer to sign for paperless document transfer, but it also stores the signer’s GPS location for security. Apart from the conventional blue and black inks, it is now available in red as well. With this application, there is no need for faxing, scanning, printing or wasting paper any more.


This is a must-have application for every working professional. A cloud-based note-taking application, Evernote helps organize notes by date and folder. It is an easy-to-use, free application that synchronizes notes on several devices. The free version includes all these features, whereas the paid one allows users to share information with others.

No matter what industry a professional belongs to, the fact is that the above-mentioned applications are pivotal to meeting their organizational, networking and communicating needs. Not only do these innovative apps save costs and time, they also lead to increased productivity.  In this regard, all working professionals, including lawyers, should take full advantage of them.