Saturday Criminal Law Symposium

SESSION ONE 9.00am to 1.15pm: Hot Topics in Criminal Law

Chair: Andrew McGinness, Principal, McGinness & Associates

Current Issues in Disclosure

Presented by Ken Mackenzie, Partner, Mackenzie Mitchell Solicitors

Penalties and Sentencing Amendment Act 2014

Penalties and Sentences (Indexation) Amendment Act 2014 (Qld)
Annual increases in penalty units
How to calculate the penalties under the changes?
Mandatory sentencing for Drug Trafficking
Safe Night Out Legislation Amendment Act 2014
Is voluntary intoxication a mitigating factor in sentence?
Mandatory community service on
Presented by Jason Todman, Barrister, Bennett Chambers

Duress, Mistake and Intoxication

“Defences” with relevant cases and the effect of the statutory provisions limiting the use by the jury of intoxication when assessing the intention of the accused
Notable unresolved issues in the cases about the operation of the statutory limitation on the use to be made of the intoxication of the accused
Discussing the pitfalls of reliance on these defences
Presented by Chris F Wilson, Barrister, Lucas Chambers

Conducting a Sentence for a Sex Ofence Involving the Internet

Negotiating and dealing with the prosecution
Making sense of computer forensic reports
Making the best use of psychologist or psychiatrist reports
Mitigating factors to focus on
Presented by Jason Voight, Barrister, Inns of Court

Youth Justice Act: How is it Working in Practice?
Presented by Damian Bartholomew, Solicitor, Youth Advocacy Centre and Deputy Chair, QLD Law Society’s Children’s Law Committee

SESSION TWO 2.00pm to 5.15pm: CPD Compulsory Core Areas for Criminal Lawyers

Chair: Andrew McGinness, Principal, McGinness & Associates

Practical Legal Ethics

Ethical Considerations: What do you do if your Client Instructs They are Not Guilty but Wish to Plead Guilty?

The law as it stands including relevant case law
Practical implications for the lawyer and client
Options which may be available to your client
Presented by Penny White, Partner and Simone Healy, Solicitor, Peter Shields Lawyers

Professional Skills

Preparing Written Submissions in Criminal Matters
Written submission can be a powerful tool for advocates but, badly or thoughtlessly written, they can do more harm than good. This session will examine some of the pitfalls, and the value, of good writing for the courts.

Framing effective written submissions:
Educative and informative
How do you make sure the judge reads them? How do you ‘talk’ to them?
Presented by Michael Bosscher, Principal, Bosscher Lawyers

Practice Management & Business Skills

Risk Management in Your Criminal Law Practice: Coping Mechanisms
Dealing with the difficulties of a criminal law practices can cause lawyers to engage in coping behaviour that puts your practice at risk. Join this panel conversation with experienced criminal practitioners to review practices that may be high risk
coping strategies

Facilitated by Andrew McGinness, Principal, McGinness & Associates
Panel includes:
Adrian Braithwaite, Barrister, Level 9 Inns Of Court
Michael Bosscher, Principal, Bosscher Lawyers
Elizabeth Blackwood, Clinical Psychologist, Growth Psychology
Ruth O’Gorman, Barrister, Higgins Chambers Luton
Donald Mackenzie, Barrister, Queensland Bar

Location Mercure Brisbane, 85-87 North Quay, Brisbane
Description Criminal lawyers are facing significant changes with the Penalties and Sentencing Amendment Act 2014, t he Youth Justice Act and changes in disclosure obligations. Receive this vital update, meet your CPD requirements and all without taking a day out of the working week.
Organized by Legalwise Seminars
More Information Fee - $710.00
Start Date 2015-03-14
End Date 2015-03-14