Property Law Conference 2015

SESSION ONE 9.00am to 1.15pm: Current Property Law Matters

Chair: Rebecca Castley, Partner, Mullins Lawyers; Accredited Property Law Specialist

The Mother of All Acts: The Land Sales and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014

Objectives of the Act and how it impacts the sale of property in Queensland
The benefits and pitfalls of the changes
What your contracts and disclosure documents need to include
Presented by Louise Willshire, Special Counsel, Sia and Sia Lawyers

Property Investment Through Discretionary Trusts

Why and when you need a vesting date, and issues with discretionary trusts without a vesting date
Rule against perpetuities: application, considerations when drafting a trust deed, common law and statutory differences, abolition in certain jurisdictions
Hybrid trusts, and the alternatives
Some stamp duty issues when investing through trusts
Significant cases involving discretionary trusts: takeaway principles
Other issues
Presented by Lister Harrison QC, Gibbs Chambers

Subdivision Law: Central Issues

Subdivision formats and development: impacts of the choice of plan format
Interpretive issues with progressive development in CTS structures
Governance structures as part of subdivisions
Affect of legislative changes on disclosure requirements for selling lots in subdivisions
Issues for contract drafting when addressing subdivision formats for projects
Presented by Matthew Derrick, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright

Taxing Property Matters: Niche GST and Stamp Duty Issues

Current GST and stamp duty issues for property transactions
Developments in relation to GST going concern and margin scheme rules
GST issues in relation to leasing transactions
Presented by Taryn Hartley, Senior Associate, McInnes Wilson Lawyers

SESSION TWO 2.00pm to 5.15pm: CPD Compulsory Core Areas for Property Lawyers

Chair: Ben McEniery, Barrister, Roma Mitchell Chambers, and Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

Practical Legal Ethics

Ethics, Conflicts and the Property Lawyer

Discussion of common ethical issues facing property lawyers and identification of the principal risk areas
Overcoming conflict issues
Ethical problems encountered when working as a specialist and in a niche practice area
Conflict issues when acting against past clients in a limited market
Practical examples and recent disciplinary cases

Presented by Mark Fowler, Director, Neumann & Turnour Lawyers and Katrina Beavon, Solicitor, Neumann & Turnour Lawyers

Professional Skills

Exploring Complex Easement Drafting

Essential principles for drafting easements
Negotiating terms
Enforcing repair and maintenance covenants and sharing expenses
High density easements
Drafting indemnities and releases
Boundary realignments, encroachments and compensation
Presented by Michael Byrom, Director, Bennet and Philp Lawyers

Practice Management & Business Skills

Efficient Practice Management Techniques: Briefing Property Barristers

The varying methods when briefing barristers and what’s most effective
Preparing the brief, important aspects to include
Managing costs at the beginning
Don’t forget the client: considering the client during communications
Presented by Anastasia Nicholas, Barrister, North Quarter Lane Chambers

Location Brisbane, Australia
Description Tailored for the property practitioner, this day long conference covers the essential matters faced in everyday practice. Our expert panel explores a range of highly specialised matters including discretionary trusts, ethical and conflict considerations facing property specialists and tax issues. Also covering the significant legislative changes that will reshape the sale of property in Queensland, and an afternoon devoted to covering the compulsory CPD topics, this is certainly a program that will hone in on your mastery.
Organized by Legalwise Seminars
More Information Fee - $710.00
Start Date 2015-03-12
End Date 2015-03-12