Fundamentals of Trademark Law in the Global Marketplace 2015

In today’s online media and e-commerce environment, lawyers are increasingly called upon to provide advice about trademark-related issues.  Familiarity with basic trademark law is quickly becoming a vital part of any lawyer’s equipment, whether one is a neophyte or a twenty-year veteran to the practice.  Knowing the trademark law basics can help you fend off a baseless accusation or even eliminate a serious infringement.  And staying on top of the latest trademark law developments will keep seasoned trademark lawyers current.

Designed to establish a foundational understanding for new entrants into the practice, as well as to refresh and update experienced trademark practitioners, this program features comprehensive coverage of trademark law, from its fundamental principles to recent cases and emergent issues pulled straight from the headlines.  Attendees will learn about the trademark registration process, types of marks, international trademark searching and filing, spotting infringement and alternatives to litigation.  Our expert faculty will employ a mix of lecture and interactive learning features, drawing from their collective experience protecting some of the world’s most iconic brands.  As always, participation is strongly encouraged and all attendees are welcome to pose questions to the faculty, throughout and after the program.

Location Chicago, USA
Organized by Practising Law Institute
More Information Fee -$995
Start Date 2015-07-16
End Date 2015-07-16