5th Annual Family Law Conference

SESSION ONE 9.00am to 1.15pm: Practising Family Law in 2015

Chair: Tedd Jordan, Barrister, Inns of Court

Add Backs: After Stanford and Bevan
How have courts dealt with S79 Property applications and add backs, in particular, following Stanford and Bevan

Judicial attitudes and the discretion within a discretion
Notional pool including addbacks v. S75(2)(o) adjustment
Are legal fees always added back
Does the four step approach still apply?
Presented by Pippa Colman, Principal, Pippa Colman Family Lawyers; Accredited Family Law Specialist

Separate Financials: How to Run a De facto Matter

Do de facto property settlements differ from married party property settlements?
Case review of defining elements as to what makes a de facto relationship
Review of legislative process: Do you need a declaration to prove fact of relationship?
Does pattern of ownership have any relevance?
Presented by Kay Feeney, Principal, Feeney Family Lawyers; Accredited Family Law Specialist

Pre-Nuptial Agreements since Stanford: Is the Chancellor Kicking Goals?

Agreements, Financial Agreements and Binding Financial Agreements
Setting them aside
The state of play since Stanford
Presented by John Paul Mould, Barrister, Sunshine Coast Barristers Chambers

Children Across Borders

Practical steps to stop child abduction, and get kids back (but not covering the Hague Convention)
Litigating across borders in family law: especially covering some legislation with NZ
What if a surrogacy matter comes through the door?
Presented by Stephen Page, Partner, Harrington Family Lawyers; Accredited Family Law Specialist

SESSION TWO 2.00pm to 5.15pm: CPD Compulsory Core Areas for Family Lawyers

Chair: Tedd Jordan, Barrister, Inns of Court

Practical Legal Ethics

Ethical Dilemmas and Practical Solutions

Identifying conflict of interest situations requiring a practitioner to withdraw
Ethically managing client relationships, relations with other lawyers and third parties
Inadvertent discovery: What to do?
Ethics in litigation: Your client is lying in the witness box, what to do?
Presented by Kara Best, Director, Best Wilson Buckley Family Law; Accredited Family Law Specialist

Professional Skills

Negotiation Skills in Family Law Matters

What does “win-win” really mean and is it what your client wants?
Learn to negotiate not compromise
Conciliation and family case conferences
Preparing yourself and your client for a negotiation or mediation
Dealing with an unskilled negotiator
Presented by Alexandra Moles, Special Counsel, HopgoodGanim Lawyers

Practice Management & Business Skils

Business Risks: Staff and Clients

Financial agreements: the problems they cause for you
Claims prevention strategies: protecting your own assets as well as your clients
Presented by Rebecca Harding, Barrister, Queensland Bar; Accredited Family Law Specialist

Location Mercure Brisbane, 85-87 North Quay, Brisbane
Description From an update on the new add backs landscape and small money cases to child abduction and surrogacy, our Family Law Conference this year offers a great array of practical and topical issues. Our expert panel will also consider ethical dilemmas for family lawyers, negotiation skills, and much more.
Organized by Legalwise Seminars
More Information Fee - $710.00
Start Date 2015-03-13
End Date 2015-03-13